Thursday, August 30, 2012

Horenstein read link, read for quiz wk2

homework for class #2 in two weeks (documents on portal):
review basic technical info for quiz
read horenstein (link below) for quiz
shoot/develop/mount slides for slidesOutside assignment (edit 36 slides down to 10 for class)
shoot colorJAM intervention

this wouldn't fit on the portal:
study this Horenstein Color Chapter for a quiz on week 2...

Welcome to COLOR

online color good are you at recognizing color?

Remember, we are not meeting for two weeks, which is 9/14

Learning tools on exposure:

website with interactive exposure simulator, the SIMCAM:

youtube clip on using a gray card to achieve the correct exposure:

youtube clip on using an incident light meter:

things to remember when shooting your roll of 36 exposures slide film:

1.  meter carefully, use gray card or light meter
2.  load film in low light
3.  when you're done with your last exposure, you have to push release button on the bottom of yourcamera before camera allows you to rewind film (for those of you who haven't used a film SLR in a long time)
4.  have film developed NORMAL (not pushed or pulled) and have slides put into mounts for our analog slide show
5.  when you get your slides back pick the best 10-15 for display in class
6.  shoot and develop film early in case you run into problems and/or ruin your film,
photography = murphy's law

inspiration for shooting outside in COLOR for our wk2 slide viewing: