Friday, September 28, 2012

Sterlin Ruby

I thought the talk was quite interesting, however I wish they spoke more about his work rather than his life story. Obviously his life experience is relevant to his work however I thought it was discussed too much, and because I am not very familiar with his work, I wish it could have been discussed more.
I thought it was interesting when he talked about the process and his transformation as an artist from the first college he went to, which was mainly focused on technical skills, and then to SAIC and how his view of art changed. I loved when he talked about Bruce Nauman because I really like him as well, and that whole part when he talked about working at the video database and discovering artists, it seemed like he really learned a lot from it. I wish he talked more about Mike Kelley and what it was like working with him, but I understand why he didn’t.
From the few pieces we have seen of his, I especially liked the bus piece and the cages piece, and I also noticed their shapes were echoing one another. I liked the experiences and transformations the bus has been through, it looked almost haunted. 
What I found most interesting in the discussion was when he talked about that theory of the aura affecting the space (or something like that) and then thought of how it relates to art and how this is what art does. Art gives of a certain kind of aura, which affects its viewers.

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