Thursday, October 18, 2012

color installation / due week 11/2

Batchelor speaks of the failure of language to convey color.  Color can be thought of as 'pre-language' and 'without parts'...lets create a color work whose presence and color complicates an ability to even use language!

For class next week, make a color installation in our classroom.

No photographs need to be made for this assignment!
This is an in-person, visceral experience you are creating.

You can turn the lights out and we can cover the glass panel of the classroom to make the environment a more neutral lighting environment.

Light sources/prop ideas to get you started:

  • lamps
  • color bulbs
  • laser pointers
  • heat/light
  • lighting gels
  • other materials to 'color' light (scrims, drapes, clothing, etc)
  • flash(es)
  • anything and everything is at your disposal
Don't make a color clusterfuck!  More color doesn't necessarily add meaning right?  
Think about ideas/feelings you want to evoke
Think about subject (ideas referenced) vs subject matter (things we see)
Color can be realistic, emotive, symbolic, political, religious, be thoughtful about using color symbolically

Robert Irwin:

Dan Flavin:

Contemporary weird shower head:
Olafur Elliason

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