Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art Expo

     Laura Letinsky
Cool color of the wall and white dinner-cloth enhanced warm red/ yellow color  of the peaches.
The wall has grey color with shades and undertone of cool green color

Alec Soth
Overall dark value with tone and shades. The white towels with the black cover of the bed create the contrast. The wall has very light brown color with medium value with undertone of warm yellow.

The wall and ground create monochromatic combination of the grey. The black and ginger (red mix with the orange) color has highest intensity.

The overall undertone of the photo is green/yellow with the tone. The combination of the green and the yellow/orange of the macaw is most visible and advance.

Yinka Shonibare
Multicolored dress (yellow, red, white) of the fox create chaotic combination of the colors. Intensive red of the background is advance.
 The colors have the same brightness. The red color advance next to white and blue.
 Josh Smith
The colors are highly saturated and create dynamic harmony. The warm red is advance next to green.
 The warm red is advance next to black color. Colors have close value.
High saturated color with different value create dynamic harmony. Chaotic combination of the colors. The red advance next to yellow and light blue.

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