Friday, November 2, 2012

dark orange

Dark Orange  (Hyun)
Orange in general had been the least interesting color to me since when I was young. I still can clearly remember that I always didn’t like the color. Orange? It was a big No. I didn’t like to eat orange and I didn’t like the color just because. I always thought it was too acid and got stressed thinking of it. It was a boring color to the end and i got sick of it so easily. However, it changed recently about three years ago. I was like “why do I always hate this color? Why don’t I think about this color more? It’s actually refreshing and very orangey (I liked to eat orange at the time)”. I started to be interested in the color more than before and see more of this color in the world.
Located in the middle of red and yellow in a color wheel, orange is not too overpowering as red and yellow but also it isn’t a neutral muted color. Even though we are talking about the DARK orange, it still based on its fresh popping energetic vibrant orange color. Pantone color number 144 would be the perfect example of this dark orange color and considering the fact that orange is the Panton Color of the Year 2012, the color has energy and characteristic that attract people’s attention. The fashion world had many items featuring the color this year; Michael Kors SPRING, BCBG FALL, Nanette Lepore, Charlotte Ronson, Derek Lam, and so on. Also, since it’s a color that draws attention, there are many brands using this color in their logo, which is the most well known visual representation of the company. For example, fashion brand Tory Burch, Hermès uses the color. Firefox does too and Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, Harley Davidson, ING, Timberland, Nickelodeon, and amazon use orange as well. Throughout so many different areas of fields, its use is not attached to just one area but it’s everywhere. It’s very earthy color too.
Even though it has its energetic and vibrant characteristics, we can find the color in the nature especially in UTAH area. There are many dark orange-red colored canyons such as Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Zion National Park and so on. Just looking at some pictures from those areas, I can feel its heat, depth and somehow loyalty too. It’s quiet and silent. It has time and space compressed in the terrain itself that is grand and magnificent.

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