Thursday, November 8, 2012

MOCP Jan Tichy

i think the colors in this photo are realistic because it doesn't seem that the photographer manipulated them in any way. it seems like a candid snapshot from the beach, the figures don't seem to be too aware of the camera. the red bathing suit stands out, and immediately catches the viewers attention, and the fact that it is in the center reinforces that.  

 I find the colors in this image to be symbolic because of the white dresses that can be interpreted as purity and innocence. that theme goes well with what the figures seem to be doing, which is covering the woman's face, showing a sort of conservativeness. the white dresses stand out by contrasting with the dark background, highlighting the whiteness' significance.

the colors in this photograph seems to be expressive. the photo is quite monochromatic yet the lighting still seems quite dramatic. the lighting also makes the animal look elegant and fragile and the same time. i think the overall feeling the expressive colors in this image are portraying is delicate beauty.

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