Friday, November 2, 2012

stategies for abstracting

Here are some strategies we talked about in class to create abstract color images that start to reveal larger subject ideas involved in the subject of your project:

Interval of time
Averaging or mean
Somehow tracing the physical act of making an image
Zooming in / detail
Long exposure

We will have individual meetings next week of a few minutes to discuss your ideas for the abstract conceptualism assignment due in  two weeks.

next week we will meet at 930AM
at 845 w washington, 3rd floor at Document (a printing lab and exhibition space).
my cell is 312.953.2885
we will spend the morning at document and at kavi gupta gallery (two doors down) where we will see and discuss melanie schiff's new photography exhibition.

see you in the west loop next week at 930am sharp!

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