Thursday, November 8, 2012

i found this moving image to be interesting because it was a video of a crowd facing towards the stage and getting to their seat. i thought it was it was interesting because we usually don't get to focus on the crowd, especially if we're a part of it, so it was a weird and different perspective for me. obviously the video was quite dark but the colors of people's clothes stood out. even though we couldn't identify them from the far perspective the video was shot from, the colors of their clothes was the only thing that differentiated them from one another. 


this is an image of two ladies wearing what seem to be expensive clothes and jewelry yet at the same time they look kind of trashy. the photo looks like an event photo, yet i don't think the photograph is very flattering of the two figures. i think the photo is a of documentation of a kind of society, which i find interesting. 

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